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Wednesday 27 May 2015

 Future of Trade Expo 2012

Success stories from top companies, brands and entrepreneurs facilitating World Trade and Travel

Global Village Encyclopedia has a wealth of information on world trade, industry, tourism and culture.


Please select a territory below to discover the success stories behind their top companies and entrepreneurs as well as the top brands driving each of their respective economies.


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Best of Norway   Best of Qatar   Best of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Best of Singapore   Best of South Africa   Best of Soweto


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Latest Releases - Complete ebooks now live on our site

  • Best of Botswana

    Best of Botswana Vol 2 continues the story of Botswana’s achievements and successes by celebrating the beautiful land and her people – capturing her recent achievements and strides in excellence.” Read More...
  • Best of Kenya

    "Best of Kenya Vol 2" is a celebration of the success of varied and valued enterprises in both private and public sectors and features the Kenya Vision 2030. Read More...
  • Best of Singapore

    Welcome to the fourth edition of "Best of Singapore"! As a nation, Singapore is well regarded for its ability to successfully and constantly reinvent itself to stay relevant with the changing times. Best of Singapore

  • Best of KSA

    Saudi Arabia is a country of great transformational change. 'Best of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' celebrates the innovation, sustainability and excellence of the Saudi business and leisure scene. Read More...
  • Clean UAE

    Welcome to this first annual edition of ‘CleanUAE’ which highlights stories of progress within the fields of environmental, social and corporate governance in the United Arab Emirates. Read More....
  • Best of South Africa

    “Best of South Africa”is a celebration of the crème that our country has to offer, a tangible reminder and visual celebration of what makes South Africa great, a country people truly fall in love with - locals and international visitors alike. Read More....
  • Best of Mauritius

    This first edition of ‘Best of Mauritius’ is a foretaste of what our Paradise holds, it comes at a time when Mauritius is stepping into a new era of growth and opportunity. Read More...
  • Best of Bahrain

    "Best of Bahrain's" goal has been to exhibit the diversity with as many key players and initiatives as possible from top organizations to singular entrepreneurs and talented individuals who are contributing to the successful growth of this Kingdom. Read More...
  • Best of Abu Dhabi & U.A.E

    "Best of Abu Dhabi & U.A.E" aims to participate in laying the foundation for diversified progress that economic growth and sustainable development cultivates across sectors. Read More...
  • Best of Egypt

    With the launch of "Best of Egypt Vol.4, this moment has moved us to a state far beyond being just proud, it has become the peak of an editorial period, which has demonstrated the best of what Egypt has to offer. Read More...
  • Best of Washington DC

    Welcome to the BEST OF DC: ‘Defining Change’ in American Leadership. This Inaugural Edition is the very first interactive publication of its kind in the United States, distinguished citizen journalism about meritorious public service and leaders of industry. Read More...
  • Best of Jordan

    Welcome to "Best of Jordan" Vol. 2, where the Kingdom’s achievers are brought together to tell their colorful stories to the world. Read More...
  • Best of Chennai

    "Best of Chennai" is a creditable platform to display all that makes Chennai such an epochal city: the key businesses across various sectors that drive its trade and commerce – engineering, shipping, health, hospitality, education and many more. Read More...

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Global Village News

  • Best of Botswana

    Best of Botswana Vol 2 continues the story of Botswana’s achievements and successes by celebrating the beautiful land and her people – capturing her recent achievements and strides in excellence.” Read More...
  • Diplomat Africa Vol 002

    Global Village Africa successfully launches the second edition of, "Diplomat Africa". Click here to read the entire issue of "Dipomat Africa Vol 002"
  • Best of Uganda Coming Soon

    Best of Uganda is launching soon as a joint venture between GVPedia Africa and Intelligent Solutions. Showcasing Uganda's natural heritage, diverse scenery and culture, as well as celebrating the people upholding the economy's continued growth. Click here for the Best of Uganda Teaser

  • Best of Kenya Vol 2

    ‘Best of Kenya’ Vol II — Vision 2030 Edition. We have in Best of Kenya Volume II explained in detail what the Vision entails, what its pillars and drivers are and how Kenyans and their economic, political and social lives relate to it. On whatever page you are, you are always close to Vision 2030. Best of Kenya Vol 2

  • 2011 SADC Summit

    The annual SADC Summit is a prestigious event and a great opportunity to profile the region as an entirety under the cover of an established high-quality portfolio. We were awarded the tender to produce the SADC 2011 Summit Report. See the entire final result here.

  • Best of Soweto Coming Soon

    Best of Soweto is launching soon as a joint venture between GVPedia Africa and Adele Lucas Promotions. Showcasing Soweto's history, culture and economy as well as the people and leading organisations behind its future growth.

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