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Monday 25 May 2015


Prepare to lose yourself in a realm of sensuality, with eclectic blend of world lounge music, from noon to early evening.


After only three years since opening, Bushido has been nominated and has won numerous awards including:

  • TimeOut Award for Best Japanese Restaurant 2011 and Best Business Lunch 2010 and 2011
  • Fact Award for Best Japanese Restaurant 2010 and 2011
  • Listed on as #5 Bar in the Middle East



Bushido, Bahrain

True Spirit of the Samurai

Offering the quintessential break from the frenzy of urban life and inspired by the mysticism of Japan is a chic and trendy lounge and restaurant in the heart of Seef – Bushido. It is a blend of the 21st Century setting with the way of the warrior combining concepts of chivalry with the serenity of Buddhism. A small moat and the landscape that surrounds Bushido prepare you for the rich and vast space within. Once you’ve stepped in, you will feel like you’ve ben transported to a different world – one with a perfect balance between austerity and richness. The colours and architecture of feudal Japan greet you, as do the Samurai-armoured alcoves. What makes this venue stand out from the rest is the stairway of wroughtiron balustrades from the restaurant that leads you to the mezzanine bar. Dark woods, dim lighting and deific silks help you give in to your senses. Bushido is more than dining. It is a rare indulgence in class, virtue and sophistication.


Since opening in 2009, Bushido set a benchmark for the Japanese restaurant scene throughout the Middle East.


In Japanese tradition, ‘Bushido’ translates to ‘the way of the warrior’. Many Samurai devoted their lives to the strict code that demanded them to keep the seven virtues of rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honour and loyalty till their death. The team at Bushido have taken up the same oath and have adopted this concept through its seven sections; The Main Dining Room The Mezzanine Bar and Lounge, The Sushi Bar, The Teppanyaki Room, The Terrace and Terrace Lounge, and Bushido’s private rooms, The Oda Room and Tenshu Room.


The Main Dining Room, located on the ground floor, offers the possibility to dine by the window with views of the lagoon, in front of the Samurai Wall, by the enchanting staircase or in intimate corners. Within this venue of premium silk fabrics finishing, dark wood furniture and intricate décor the chefs at Bushido deliver an astounding menu, experimenting with exotic delicacies and highend cuisine. The Bushido menu serves a good choice of Nipponese classic and Robata – Japanese charcoal grill, with some interesting European combinations and the Spirit of Samurai experienced in the multipe ranges of exotic cocktails and extensive choice of sake.


The Mezzanine Bar and Lounge serves a restricted menu from noon until 1:30 am every day. The music that seeps from behind the DJ Booth on this second level lounge is an eclectic mix that adds onto the overall ambience. Towards the night, Bushido’s resident DJ, Dara Singh slowly drives the mood to a more dynamic ethno house style He is regularly accompanied by the most popular DJs of the world who fly in to distil their musical creations infusing Bushido with the best of the lounge genre.


Japanese cuisine, while commonly thought of as sushi, has so much more to offer. With centuries of history behind it, there is an etiquette that it flaunts that is rarely seen in other cultures. One of the secrets to the delectable dishes is the traditional culinary style in the kitchen and live-cooking stations.


As part of its philosophy, Bushido regularly provides promotions and hosts top events including an exclusive event in partnership with FashionTV, such as THE AFTER RACE PARTY - an annual tailor-made party to welcome the international Formula One track crowd to Bahrain, while displaying the best of Bahrain’s nightlife also featuring numerous worldrenowned celebrities, DJs, Top Models, Dancers and Musicians. Year-round, Bushido hosts various DJs including those who have visited in the past, such as DJ Ravin of Buddha Bar, DJ David Vendetta and DJ Joachim Garraud, amongst many more.


Also a regular event and crowd favourite at Bushido is PINK FRIDAY’S with fashion prizes for women, every Friday, to be won! At the exclusive Sushi Bar, you will sit atop high chairs to view one of the secrets of the traditional culinary styles - a live cooking display. The delectable dishes are prepared right before your eyes, with rice expertly prepared by Bushido chefs rolled with an extensive range of seafood, meats and vegetables that are finally doused with the inexplicable magic of special sauces – that set your taste buds dancing!


The Teppanyaki Room provides a marvel of knifewielding chefs displaying the authentic Samurai dining experience in a live cooking show. With two large counters that accommodate up to 24 guests at a time, Bushido’s chefs prepare a wide selection of sauces and meat to taste, at the same time juggling, in the air, extremely sharp kitchen knives and eggs! Bushido warns you to remain on the other side of the hot iron table, for a safe and enjoyable, absolute thrill! When the weather’s right and the stars and the moon oblige for a dazzling night out, Bushido’s Terraces are an enchanting retreat. The pleasing view of palm trees and the waters of the bay sets the mood only to be enhanced by the unique lounge tracks that wafts through the French windows on both levels.


Bushido’s ground level Terrace seats approximately 50 dinners or a reception of 150 guests and is ideal for a Ceremonial meal, informal Business dining and/or Banquet reception, with flexible space, also providing the possibility to project on the outside walls. The second level Terrace Lounge provides a reception for approximately 50 guests, ideal for a Cocktail reception. Bushido’s private Oda Room contains a private bar and direct access to the outdoor terrace with its spectacular view of the lagoon. Bushido encourages private business conferences and breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings providing a boardroom that seat 40 guests, a sitdown dinner for 70 guests or a reception for 150 guests.


Features of the Oda Room include a discrete access from Bushido’s entrance, direct access to the ground floor terrace, a private bar, rentable fully equipped A/V equipment, adjustable lighting, podium and WiFi, coupled with Bushido’s A-class dining experience Bushido’s Tenshu Room is another private affair that has swashes of light decorating the ceiling and walls as they bounce off the water from the glass floor below your feet. Nestled by the surrounding moat, the Tenshu Room, with its see-through glass floors, gives you a feeling of floating on water offering a meeting room that is the perfect setting for a brainstorming session. The Tenshu Room provides a boardroom and/ or sit-down dinner capacity of 20 guests, with a reception capacity of 30 guests. The room features natural daylight, discrete access from the entrance, seethrough glass flooring, rentable fully equipped A/V equipment, adjustable lighting, podium and WiFi and again, coupled with Bushido’s A-class dining experience.


Come down for a Taste of Traditional Japanese Cuisine with a Twist.